Surrey Hills Primary School

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English, Mathematics, STEM


At Surrey Hills Primary students engage with daily literacy sessions to develop their reading and viewing, writing and speaking and listening skills. Reading and viewing sessions across the school focus on developing a range of comprehension skills, fluency and accuracy and expanding vocabulary.

We use the SoundWaves program from Foundation – Year 6 to deliver our spelling program. This focusses on explicitly teaching the phonemes and graphemes that make up the English language. You can visit the SoundWaves website for more information <link>. 


Authentic engagement with Mathematics is essential for developing student interest and enjoyment. At Surrey Hills Primary our daily Mathematics program focusses on developing our students’ knowledge of number and algebra, statistics and probability, and measurement and geometry concepts.

Teachers look to relate these mathematical concepts to real life scenarios and our Inquiry units, so that students are able to make connections between the mathematics classroom and the real world. 


2017 saw us introduce STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – at Surrey Hills Primary as an integral part of various units of inquiry units. The culture fostered by the STEM program is simple – we are providing enriching opportunities for students to engage with ideas as individuals and in small groups, to promote innovation, interpersonal skills, resilience, accountability and creativity. Students have access to a range of different resources and equipment for exploring their ideas. Some equipment is used to manipulate specific problems and others are more open ended to promote flexibility, making and tinkering.

The learners of Surrey Hills Primary will be able to engage with their ideas in innovative and creative ways and work towards solving the problems of the present and future.