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During Physical Education at Surrey Hills Primary School, students participate in a range of skill development activities and games strategies, from introduction leading to full games, allowing them to demonstrate basic motor skills and develop more complex skills. Students in Prep to Year 2 participate in individual and group activities including a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). They engage in sessions of moderate to vigorous physical activity and learn to use the equipment and space respectfully and safely.

Students in Years 3-6 are able to explain the process for improving health-related fitness. They learn to use strategic thinking and work with both their peers to improve game performance. Students also participate in local district school summer and winter inter-school competitions and other sporting events such as our school cross-country, swimming program and athletics days.


The Performing Arts program at Surrey Hills Primary gives the students the opportunity to explore and develop their creative and expressive capacities in the disciplines of Dance, Drama and Music. Students from Foundation – Year 6 participate in making and responding activities in each discipline to learn as both active participants and informed audiences.

Using movement, dramatic elements, voice, and un-tuned and tuned percussion instruments the students learn both set pieces and create their own works to perform individually and with others. The program aims to contribute to the development of confident and creative individuals.


Visual Arts at Surrey Hills Primary School provides students with the fundamental building blocks to develop skills in all areas of the Visual Arts Curriculum.

The Elements of Art: line, shape & form, colour, texture, space and value coupled with The Principles of Art: pattern, emphasis, variety, unity, balance, proportion rhythm & movement, are embedded within the topics of Mark Making, Line Drawing, Texture (Rubbings, Etchings), Collage, Construction, Modelling (Sculpture), Threads & Textiles, Painting and Printing. All topics are taught every year with the emphasis changing and difficulty level increasing each year. Visual Arts makes authentic links to the Inquiry Unit Focus at each year level, expanding students’ understandings of a topic. Artist Studies are an integral part of the Visual Arts curriculum and are embedded within the units.